Wondering why you saw a display advertisement, provided by FetchBack?

FetchBack is a service provider that works with companies to show advertisements to consumers who previously visited their Website. This type of online advertising is called Retargeting. When you visited one of our client's websites, a text file (called a cookie) was placed on your internet browser. This text file tells sites that you visit online to show you an ad from our client, versus another ad. These are called targeted ads as they are targeted specifically to you, and targeted ads make your time spent on the internet customized to your interests.

Our client's website that is Retargeting you is http://icejerseys.com. You can see FetchBack's privacy policy by visiting this page: http://fetchback.com/privacy-policy/ Retargeting is an optional service. If you do not want to be Retargeted by FetchBack, you can opt-out here: Opt-Out

Note: You will also need to opt-out from each computer or browser you use to access the internet.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact FetchBack at customerservice@fetchback.com

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